MADISON SQUARE GARDEN MAKE SOME NOISE! I literally can’t believe i just said that

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Hikari 光 - "Simple & Clean (Orchestra)"

Happy 1 Month with 방탄소년단! Time really flies by and we can’t believe it’s actually been a month with these boys. 7 talented boys who believe in dreams, and the importance of setting yourself up for a bright future. A generation here to change the music industry with confidence and determination.With tired eyes and weak bodies you guys only show us smiles and better stages, and we want to thank you guys for all the hard work you put into everything you do. ARMY will be behind you guys always, even when times get rough, we’ll forever be your allies. With your backs turned and eyes closed, we’ll be here to catch you when you fall. 방탄소년단 FIGHTING! ARMY FIGHTING!